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Our Story

Our Story

I decided to shape this non-profit organization when I realized there are so many families suffering from infertility issues or genetic diseases. The only way for these families to have a baby is to go through In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Unfortunately, IVF can be very expensive and out of reach for most families. In the US, medications for a single treatment cycle can be around $9K, and the cost of the entire procedure can go up to $30K.

After we lost our son, we realized the only way to have a healthy baby requires IVF and genetic testing of embryos. Our insurance company covers the cost because of our first child’s experience. But what about others? No family should suffer the way we had and then granted to cover their costs for IVF. This process should be accessible to any family who needs this treatment. 

We believe miracles can happen with a little science and lots of love. We at Science + Love are dedicated to helping people make their dreams of starting a family come true with IVF.

Here, we need your help.

Purchase our merchandise or donate to us today so you too can help make the baby dreams of families come true with Science+Love.

ALL PROFITS will be donated to families in need who are going through IVF treatments.

Thanks for your help!


Stay safe and healthy,

Dila Beksac

Founder of Science+Love